Porsport is the website to buy and sell extremely rare Porsche cars and Porsche parts. Many of these cars are award winners, and have been featured in Porsche books and magazines.


Welcome to Porsport.com!

Owner Don Ahearn has been hunting down the best 356 and early 911 Porsches for over 25 years. His never-ending treasure hunt has allowed him to locate, purchase and offer some of the rarest examples of these cars and their hard-to-find parts.

Included in his quest are 356 project cars, concours Speedsters, and faithful restorations of original sport purpose 911s. His specialty is finding and selling short wheel base (SWB) 911s, especially factory race versions. Over the past two decades, he’s offered numerous examples, along with the coveted 911 S, the iconic ’73 Carrera RS, the rare ’74-76 Euro Carrera 2.7 MFI model and the ’87-89 Carrera Clubsport. Later Speedster and 964 RS variants are also a specialty of his.

Several of Don’s cars have won awards, both concours and vintage competition, and many have been featured in Porsche books and magazines, including Excellence, Panorama and 000.

Please take some time to view the site for an inspiring look at the best of the best. The cars and parts that are offered for sale rotate often, so be sure and check back to see what’s new. Consulting services for collectors are also available.